Flax Planting, Natural Factors of Origin Conditions

From 45 degrees north latitude to the north, the west coast of the European continent extends for hundreds of kilometers. In late autumn, the magnificent rock walls of the coast unload the harsh Atlantic sea breeze.Bring the humid monsoon, cool and clear air and abundant rain to land-the flax growing area in Normandy, France.In the historical changes spanning 7 centuries, it has a unique fertile soil and a rare cool and humid climate.The industrious people have passed Xon from generation to generation, worked hard, and cultivated the world’s top linen raw materials with the most respectful and sustainable farming methods of nature.

Humanistic Factors of Flax Culture Radiation

The European continent is in the history of human civilization for more than 3,000 years. Breed the most unique luxury, romance, passion and strong artistic atmosphere.In the 15th century, the birth of linen spinning technology and the progress of wet imitation spun yarn in the later period, the innovation of the finishing technology after weaving, made the culture of linen wearing From Ersai to Buckingham to Würzburg in Germany, Madrid in Spain, Colosseum in Rome… Via the Apennines, out to the Sea of Love… It is prevalent in the royal families of continental Europe and the countries along the Mediterranean Sea. Gives linen clothing the most noble historical connotation and culture.

Flax Culture Inheritance

Today, I have a longing for the uncultural splendor of the industrial revolution and change the world, as well as a deep understanding of the cultural spread of European royal linen clothing.SPRINGTEX and a group of industry pioneers have brought this strong European culture to China across more than half of the world, and based on the new century, it will flourish in the east of the world.In the new wave of industrial revolution, Sheng inherited and developed the linen clothing culture. We maintain our original intention, insist on planting in the original place, and use the most advanced spinning and weaving Craftsmanship and machinery, fusion of strong Italian and European style design patterns. The most natural fusi on of industry and culture, and spread this ancient European cultureCraftsmanship and machinery, fusion of strong Italian Inherit the development and present it to the general public. We also set out from here to spread the product of this new culture to the land of Asia, and bring it back to Europe, the Americas,Australia and Africa are brought to all parts of the world, making her a different and common culture in the new world, in different regions of the world. We SPRINGTEX InspirationalBe a loyal messenger of this cultural journey.

Sublimation of Flax Culture

SPRINGTEX’s mission is not only to spread, but also to inherit and sublimate. While we inherit this culture,Give her new connotations, organic environmental protection, traceability, and ecological recycling, we explore With a sustainable future and an organic and environmentally friendly lifestyle, this ancient culture has become a new era.The product of this generation contributes to the global ecological and environmental protection.