Use recycled linen to make new products!Our RELINO project s a big step forward.We are turning recyclable linen yarn or linen waste into new products otherwise they will be thrown into landfills.RELINO regenerated linen fiber maintains its natural fiber state and maintains the longest short fiber length as much as possible to produce fashionable textiles of close to the original quality.
Hemp planting can reduce CO2 emissions. At the same time, because hemp fiber has the function of resisting various bacteria and pests, it does not need to use any chemicals during the whole growth process. It is a typical green plant. Hemp has become a globally recognized eco-environmental green resource,
natural flax is a kind of flax.After harvesting mature, without manual intervention, it is natural rain and dew process.After the flax matures, it must have the experience of retting, the most common is warm water retting,which is to soak the harvested flax seedlingsin warm water repeatedly, and also to soak in natural rain, dew, and wind and sunDay after day, the linen rod naturally decays and falls off.and then the flax fiber is taken from it, which is natural flax.
Naia is acetate fiber which is produced by Eastman that make with sustainably sourced wood. Naia cellulosic fiber brings the richness of the nature to comfortable and effortlessly luxurious fabrics.
Our sustainable material such as Tencel and Ecovero viscose are 100% come from the Lanzing company. Lanzing developed a fiber identification technology which makes the fibers could be traceable and quality assurance.
Natural dye is extracted from plant root, stem, leaf, flower, shell, etc. Natural dye has good compatibility with ecological environment, because it is biodegradable, nontoxic or low toxic and renewable. Developing natural dye has great significance in returning industry to nature.
RECOTT is our recycled collection.Our recycled cotton yarn is a high-quality yarn, containing up to 50% GRS certified recycled cotton,Blended with other natural fibers including certified organic cotton and TENCEL . We the pure cotton yarn produced has a wide range of yarns from fine count to coarse count, ring spinning or open-end spinning.Can replace traditional cotton yarn.
ECOPOLINO™ is specially extracted from high-risk bottles that end up in the ocean, These bottles are in the absence of formal waste disposal or Recycling system of countries or regions collected within 50,000 kilometers of coastline, we can solve marine pollution Play a greater role in the issue of infection.
Fashion always keep circulating in a certain period.Denim is always a favorite of fashion. We are considering the sustainable life style so we used some special yarn to imitate the denim look in fabric. This is the Eco denim which could save water and release less wastage water.