European Flax

European Flax is the guarantee of traceability for premium linen fibre grown in Europe.A natural and sustainable fibre,cultivated without artificial irrigation and GMO free. The material of linen yarn are from European so that we can offer the best linen quality to our customers.


The idea put forward by the world environmental protection organization is more and more accepted. In recent years, more and more people pay attention to environmental protection and organic farming .Our company produces LINEN fabric AND cotton fabric according to GOTS.


OEKO-TEX are jointly developed by the German haenstein institute and the Austrian textile institute.It is the most authoritative and influential ecological textile label in the world.Since 1992, the international environmental textile label (eco-textile certification) has gradually become an international benchmark for safety testing of the entire textile industry in the world.Many large textile buyers in Europe clearly list the parameters in the ecological textile certification standard in their supply requirements to suppliers.